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Activity 6: Indiana Art History Trivia

You’ve made it to the final activity! For this activity you will need to read each question and touch the image that you think best answers it. If you choose the correct answer a check mark will appear. You have three chances to guess correctly for each question.

Question 1: Find a busy Indiana city in 1892

Question 6: A sculpture is a three dimensional work that is carved, cast, etc. Find two SCULPTURES.

Question 7: A still life is a work of art representing objects such as fruit, bottle, or flowers. Find two STILL LIFE paintings.

Question 8: Look at this painting of "The Hoosier's Nest". How many children do you see?

Hoosier Nest (1890)
Marcus Mote

Question 10: This sculpture is of a famous young man who lived in Indiana and became President of the United States. Find that person's name.

David Kresz Rubins

Question 11: In 1885 Indiana's natural glass boom began. Indiana's glass industry was important in making glass. What two images show something made from glass?

Question 12: Which work of art is a lasting tribute to an American Presidential candidate and an African-American leader?


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