Activity 5: Contemporary Artists


By the early 1950's Indiana artists were creating art in the contemporary style. They used many different media to express themes occurring in the world. This 11-color etching created by Rudy Pozzatti depicts NASA's Apollo program and the history of flight.

Try it yourself!

Touch the image description and the specific painting image will illuminate.

    • LEM - a transport vehicle that takes astronauts between the spacecraft and the moon
    • Astronaut walking in space
    • Phases of the moon
    • Rocket Launch
    • John Glenn - 1st American to orbit the Earth.
    • 3 astronauts - Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee
    • Yuri Gagarin - Russian cosmonaut and 1st man to orbit the Earth
    • Alan Shepard - 1st American in space
    • The Story of Icarus - silhouetted falling figure
    • Wright Brothers - bi-plane glider Kitty Hawk (1903)
    • Space Mascots - ABLE (American monkey) LAIKA (Russian dog)